Why use Productivity CNC Engineering Services?

Reduced Time to Market

We can bring you to market more quickly and lower your overall costs. Turnkey production engineering services can guarantee cycle times, production and throughput rates. We meet or exceed our delivery deadlines and we can prove it.

Reduced Operation Costs

We allow you to add expert external resources to project without adding ongoing operating costs. Refining processes leads to a lower cost solution.

Single Point of Contact

A single source of responsibility guarantees a smooth and cohesive process to meet time and cost requirements.

Greater Focus

Allow your employees to focus on their areas of expertise and core business with our turnkey services. We deliver a more concentrated focus so you can avoid increased project costs and stick to deadlines.

Increased ROI

When you produce more parts, reduce cost per part, reduce labor hours and get your product to market more quickly, you can expect a better return on investment than if you’d kept project management in-house.

Better Accountability & Risk Assumption

Once your project budget is approved, engineering keeps an ongoing cost report and verifies real hours against budgeted hours to ensure your project stays on track. Best of all? Productivity assumes all responsibility related to process.

Higher Level of Objectivity

A third party brings an independent, more objective view of what the organization needs resulting in valuable insights. And an outside party is much less likely to fall under the influence of office politics and “inside baseball.”


We sell and manage a wide range of machine tools. Our highly specialized engineers provide your organization instant access to expertise that reduces or eliminates the need to educate and train someone in-house.


Productivity will train operators on new processes and machines so you’re up and running in no time.


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